iOS update: iOS 9 New Features

Before expecting iOS 10, people have been satisfied with the latest iOS update: iOS 9. This operating system includes some notable innovations for the better technology. The applications are presented in such a wide range that you can feel free to choose. iOS 9 is suitable for everyone; students to admins can work easier with this amazing operating system from Apple. iPad and iPhone suit this operating system.

iOS Device Update
iOS Device Update

Sleep Tight with Night Shift

Based on iOS recent info, iOS 9 has a wonderful feature that may help you sleep tight. This feature is known as Night Shift. The basic idea of Night Shift is some scientific researches proving that bright blue light exposure in the evening can affect the circadian rhythms. The result is that it will be harder to sleep. Therefore, iOS 9 provides Night Shift feature to determine the sunset time based on geolocation and clock in your iOS device. Then, the color will be shifted automatically to the warmer spectrum during the night. The display will return to the regular setting in the morning.

Securing Data is Easy

Securing your data and document will be easier with iOS 9. According to the iOS update, your personal data like medical info, website logins and financial details can be protected with fingerprint or a password. The notes can also be sorted alphabetically or by the date modified or date created. See? iOS 9 provides many easiness to secure your privacy.

Personalize your News

Do you always have daily updated news? Now, the news you always have will be much more interesting. You can personalize your news with For You feature in iOS 9. You can style and tailor your interest as you wish. Furthermore, For You feature provides a helping hand to discover Editors’ Pick and the latest trending topics. Finding your favorites will be much easier with For You. Moreover, based on iOS upgraded news, the latest update that you wish can be delivered quickly. Accessing news and staying updated will be much easier.

In this point, we can conclude that iOS update includes some new improvements and features you can find in iOS 9. Those new items are ready to deliver easiness and simplicity in your daily life. Accessing news, keeping your private documents and file, and other can be done within seconds. It will be great and awesome. iOS 9 is also scientifically proven to have an amazing feature that helps your health: Night Shift keeps you sleep tightly. What are you waiting for? Get ready for iOS 9.