The Reason Why You Need To Get iOS 10

Apple has released their newest OS, which is called as iOS 10, in WWDC 2016 get-together in San Francisco on June 13, 2016. It is the new OS, which will compatible for some kinds of iPad and iPhone. Using the newest OS in your iPhone and iPad will be something great because you are able to get the new features on it, which will increase the interesting level of your operation. In this occasion, we will talk about kinds of best features inside the iOS 10 for the consideration. I hope that it will be a nice preview for you all.


New features for the new experience

It will be nice for us to know some kinds of the new features of iOS 10, which will lead us getting the new experience in operating it. In this case, the vendor says that some significant changes are added there. What are the kinds of the new features of it, which will increase its great? Let us see below.

General redesign and experience of user

One of the influential change inside this iOS 10 is the general redesign. In this case, vendor Apple says that they do some significant changes in lock screen. The look screen will be more stylish and easier to use. However, before talking about the lock screen, we need to see some other parts of its redesign.

We all know that Apple has added the faster second-gen Touch ID fingerprint sensor in their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which will be nice to increase the safety and privacy of your smartphone. However, inside iOS 10, Apple applies the unveiled Raise to Wake. It is the nice feature of it, which will be nice to light the iPhone up. Then, when you want to go to Home screen, you only need to lift it up. Actually, this feature is same with the technology applying in Apple Watch with its iOS ecosystem.

In other hand, iOS 10 also has the more interactive onscreen notifications. Here, the vendor applies the 3D touch shortcuts. By the use of this new feature of the Apple’s display, you will have the clever ways to respond the notification without leaving the lock screen. In other hand, there are also some kinds of the dynamic features, which will happen in its notification to give the more interesting interface.

By the use of the new feature of the display, users will be able to accept some notifications, to respond some messages and stay in conversation on the lock screen! See, how great it is! In other hand, the vendor also says that people are also able to see the live animated progress of the Uber notification with the use of 3D touching. Then, users also can clear all notification with one touch there. This handy feature will be interesting fact to be waited.

Another redesigned feature inside the iOS 10 is its control center. As we know, control center is one of the most important feature inside iPhone. Here, we don’t see much detail about this feature but the new kind of control center look more customizable. As the new feature, it has the multiple screens. You can set the setting of swiping. For example, as the one of the default setting is, when you swipe the screen from the right, you will go to special music section.

The last matter about the screen is the removed Slide to Unlock setting. Now, you will have the new Press home to open feature, which will give the better performance.


One of the big change inside iOS 10 is about the Siri feature. We all know that SIri is one of the influential feature inside iPhone and it is what make iPhone special than other smartphone. Now, Apple joins with the third developer to develop Siri and users will be able to activate the non-Apple apps and use the function of it through voice control.

This feature can be used for some apps, such as WhatsApp, Uber, Pinterest, Map My Run and others app. Of course, the occurring of the feature will give the better operation way for you with your smartphone.

Quick Type

I am sure that you want to have the simple way in smartphone operation, so you will find the easier way in doing your need. In this case, one of the great feature of iOS 10, which will pleasant you there, is the Quick Type. As its name, this feature will be nice to help you when you want to type something. This feature will give the better prediction than the app in previous iOS version about what you want to say.

Quick Type is not only useful to give the better prediction in typing, here it is going to be more proactive, especially when you want to have a simpler way in response people’s offering. For example, when someone ask you about your location, this app will offer some locations as the respond of the asking. Then, when your friend ask about some details of contact, when the apps know about it, directly it will suggest the relevant contact for you.

However, Quick Type needs more adjustment, especially to increase the relevance of the prediction. Sometimes, the app is difficult to know the kind of language of your saying. In order to make the clear prediction, you need to make a clear conversation and spelling. I hope that the developer will make this app better later, so that it will be useful to be used.


Do you like capturing any moment and then keep it to make a nice history? Well, you need to be glad there because with the iOS 10, Apple does some great developments there. Here, Apple gives the better injection of artificial intelligence. With the new detail of photo, now users will be able to have more technique in analyzing faces, places and the object of their photo. In other hand, there are some other features of the photo, which will be nice to help you in making your new album/

In other hand, Apple says that now users will be easier when they want to make your own memories. Yes, it is because this app will be nice to draw the link of photo and video by place, people, and time. Of course, inside this app, you will find some kinds of the great photo effect to make your photo look more real and nice.


Since Maps is one of a nice app – especially to help you finding the way to go to your destination, here the vendor applies a new concept there. Maps in iOS 10 gets the new design. It has the new look and it is simple in design. In other hand, Maps here is cleaner and it is easier to be accessed.

Here, when you run this app with your iOS 10, you will have the more proactive element, which we never see in the previous versions. One example of the new feature of this map is the calendar appointment. Now, you can set your agenda easier and the Maps will lead you to go there. Sounds great, isn’t it?

In other hand, the new feature of the Maps of iOS 10 is the capability to look for the specific object. For example, when you want to go to some business places, you can type restaurant there. After it, you can choose the seafood restaurant by the feature of filtering.

The Maps here is same with the Google Maps of android. The Maps will give the information of several ways to go to your destination. It also will give some alternative ways for you. However, one of its differences is the interface. You are not free to zoom it. The zoom action depends on the distance and other factors.


One of the most favorite entertainment matter of the users is music. Here, you need to know that music is one of the apps inside iOS 10, which get the more significant or major visual redesign. Here, the vendor uses the simpler design, which will make it looks good. In other hand, here you also will have chance to get onscreen lyric while you are playing your favorite song. However, you need to wait until the lyric of the song is added.

What make this music app becomes one of the most interesting app of iOS 10 is the new ability of it, Here, you are able to answer chatting, do some browsing and others without interrupting the music. The newest version of the music app is the 2.0 version.


For those who want to get the update condition of everything, this app can be the great consideration. News app will provide the exact information, so that you will know what happen around you. As the other kind of the app, here the manufacture also update the design of the app. Now, the news app is cleaner and simpler. The clean and simple app here make it easy to be accessed. You are also able to set the breaking news in the notification of your phone, so that when there is a new news, you will be notified.

Home-Kit and new Home app

It is one of the biggest development inside the iOS 10. Here, the vendor uses the new look in the home screen, which will pleasant you when operating it. The new home screen here will make you are easier in controlling it. There is a new technology called 3D shortcuts. This technology is nice because by the use of 3D shortcut, you will be able to tap and to slide the dimmer app. In other hand, you are also able to adjust the level of the light.

Besides, there is also a nice kind of feature of the home called as Scenes. The Scenes here is special, especially when you want to use the Siri command. By the Scenes feature, locking the phone is easy because you only need to use your voice!


What make this iOS 10 special – in other side, is the development of the phone feature. Here, this app is special, especially for the voicemail transcription. Here, this feature will lead the iOS convert the speech into the text, although you do not listen it. See, how great it is! Moreover, this feature is also nice to protect your privacy from spammer.


Message is one of the basic communication style of the smartphone. It is one of the easiest way to communicate with your friend. Here, inside the iOS 10, you will see some kinds of the development of message. One of the most influential change here is the use of the emoji. Here, you will have lot of choices of emoji. The emoji has the different size and it is more complete than the previous version. Of course, the kind of the emoji is nice, especially when you want to make your chatting and messaging become more interesting and full of expression.

Well, based on the explanation above, at least we have 10 features of iOS 10, which can be the consideration when we want to upgrade our iOS. Upgrading the version of iOS is nice in order to feel the kinds of new features there. For the upgrading iOS, you need to see the kinds of compatible devices. In other hand, don’t forget to learn about the upgrading way. Calling your experienced friends can be one of the greatest idea, which you can do.

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