Some Reason to Buy iPhone 8

iPhone is the best smartphone to choose. Compared to other smartphones from android, there are many benefits as discussed above. Learn more about new device from Apple on this website: iPhone 8 manual

Nowadays, smartphone becomes a lifestyle for most people. In fact, almost all people have smartphone. When we talk about smartphone, there is a big question: Which is better between iPhone and Android? Based on the comparisons from various aspects, iPhone is still the best choice. It is not because of no reason. There are many reasons why you must prioritize iPhone compared to other smartphones. The benefits of iPhone will be talked in the following discussion in this article below.

No Useless Installed Additional Apps

If you buy an android, of course you will find installed additional apps. Of course, it takes more spaces on RAM and internal memory. Besides that, it may also be really annoying because you never use them. Even more, some of them cannot be deleted. Fortunately, iPhone apps are much simpler. You will never find useless additional apps on any type or model of Apple iPhone. So, the RAM and internal memory stays more spacious. If you need certain apps, you can download and install them easily.

Applecare+ for Warranty

Apple as the vendor of iPhone offers a great warranty as much as 99 dollars. Even more, this warranty is also added with manufacturer warranty for 2 years. In addition, they also offer 2 years of warranty for accidental breakage. This warranty will never been found on Android smartphones. In addition, HTC also adds one more year of warranty claim called as UhOh protection that includes cracked screen and water breakage. With these amazing warranties, you do not need to worry about iPhone quality.

Easier Sharing Files

If you want to share files from Android to other devices, you usually need to install certain apps. However, you can share files more easily if you use iPhone. This smartphone from Apple comes with an installed app named AirDrop. This app is very useful to share files fast. The speed of sharing is also amazing. It also allows you to share your location. You just need to touch and wait for a few moments and your friends will know where you are. However, you have to make sure that your friend’s device also has this app.

Lightning Cable for Sharing

Still related to data transfer, you can also consider an alternative way. The simplest way is using AirDrop. However, you also need to thank to iPhone feature named Lightning Cable. This cable is multifunction. You can use it to charge the battery as well as sync on your iPhone. Besides that, you can also use it for transferring data from iPhone to other devices or vice versa. Lightning Cable is claimed to the much better than micro USB cable used on Android. That is why you must prioritize buying iPhone for your smartphone rather than android.

High after Sales Price

When you buy a new android smartphone with high price and a few months later you want to sell it, the price will be reduced significantly. It is different from iPhone that is more valuable include after sales price. When you sell your old iPhone, the price will not be reduced significantly even after a few years. Of course, it becomes a very important consideration why people prefer buying iPhone to android for their smartphone. So, the users will also not be afraid to resell their iPhone when they have the new one.

Touch ID Feature

Recently, there are many android smartphones that come with fingerprint feature. Did you know that iPhone has had used this earlier? If android offers fingerprint sensor, iPhone comes with Touch ID. It also has the similar function where you can use it as the security to lock your device. Besides that, Touch ID can also be used to login and access various apps that support with this feature. Even though some android smartphones now apply fingerprint sensors, Touch ID is still considered much better. That is why it becomes a great factor that attracts more buyers.

Headphone Controls

If you like listening to music, of course you need to control what you listen to. Fortunately, iPhone comes with an interesting accessory. This iPhone accessory is called headphone controls. This headphone comes with many features to control music playlist from the headphone directly so that you do not need to control it from the display. Some of the benefits include that you can control the volume level, pause the songs, play the previous song, play the next song and others. Anyway, this headphone from iPhone will make listening to music much more enjoyable.

Better Design

As we know, iPhone has only one vendor. It is produced by Apple. It is different from android that has different vendors. So, the designs of android are various whereas iPhone has the special design that makes it iconic. From year to year, iPhone has similar design. The big difference may be on the size only. Even though android smartphones always change their designs and iPhone always offer the similar designs, the design of Apple iPhone is always considered better compared to other smartphones. So, it is reasonable if iPhone has so many buyers and users.

Better and More Updated Apps

Even though iPhone has the smaller market than android, most developers are more interested in iPhone than android. So, they always create the best apps for iOS. Even though you may find the same apps from iPhone and android, the display and feature are sometimes are different. Even more, iOS also always get more updated apps than android. It is because the developers always release their best apps on AppStore first whereas the android version will come afterward. It makes many android users jealous of iPhone users.

More Updated Software

If you are an android user and want to use the newest software, you need to buy a new smartphone. It is different from iPhone where iPhone allows you update the newest software anytime you want. In fact, iOS always offer the updated software soon after it is released whereas android users need to wait for it too long or buy the new one. Software is very important because it affects the comfort in using or operating the smartphone.

Apple Pay Feature

Both iPhone and android offer their own digital payments. Android has Android Pay whereas iPhone offers Apple Pay. In fact, Apple Pay is much more satisfying. If you want to use this feature, you should buy the new model of iPhone. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered one of the greatest features from iPhone. They are also many people who predict that this payment system will be more and more popular in the future.

Best Camera

You may find that some android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge come with high quality camera. However, iPhone is still better than them. Even more, all people agree that iPhone camera is still the best one for smartphone. You can see that iPhone camera comes with high resolution. Even more, the features and quality are similar or even same with DSLR camera. That is why iPhone is much better for photography compared to other smartphone from android.

User Support

If you are an android user, you need to go to service center when something wrong with your smartphone. However, it depends on the smartphone company. On the other hand, iPhone has Apple Store. So, if something wrong with your iPhone, you can ask for help to Apple Store. They will honestly help you solve the problem of your iPhone.

Family Sharing: Good App for Kids

With iOS 8, Apple adds a feature named Family Sharing. This feature is very useful and allows you share various apps, books and contents to different devices of your family. This app can also help you limit certain apps that are not appropriate for your kids. Simply, this app is very helpful for your kids. So, you do not need to worry to let your kids use an iPhone.


Based on the plan, Apple will launch a new platform called HomeKit. The use of this platform is to control your home electronic tools via an iPhone or iPad. If this plan comes true, of course the users of iPhone will be increased significantly. In fact, this will be very useful because your iPhone will be much more useful. For example, you can control your TV, radio, and other electronics at home. So, your life will feel much easier.

That is all the benefits of iPhone compared to other smartphones. Sometimes, people think that the design of iPhone that never changes much will make the users boring. In fact, it makes the users easy to adapt with the new iPhone when they buy the new one. Besides that, the design of Apple iPhone is so far satisfying so that we never hear the users that are disappointed with iPhone design. Considering what iPhone offers, it is reasonable that iPhone still becomes the best smartphone that you have to choose.